Ca' di Nieri | Foligno


A few kilometers from Perugia and Assisi, in the center of the Umbrian Valley, stands Foligno, whose origins are lost in pre-Roman times. Foligno is undoubtedly one of the most interesting centers in Umbria, not only for the richness of its historical, artistic and cultural testimonies, but also for the scenic beauty of its municipal territory which, ranging from the plain in which the main town is located, reaches over a thousand meters above sea level on the eastern side of the Region.

The famous Giostra della Quintana and the Cosmic Magnet by De Dominicis – a huge fiberglass skeleton 24 meters long, scenically placed in the center of the eighteenth-century Church of the Santissima Trinità in Annunziata – will make Foligno a particularly popular destination for children.

For greedy travelers, we recommend not to miss the slushes on sale at Parco dei Canapé and a stop at Norcineria Massatani 1913, in the shadow of the Cathedral: a tasty stop before continuing to explore Foligno.




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