Ca' di Nieri | Dantedì 2021

Dantedì 2021

March 25th is the date that Dante’s scholars define as the beginning of the journey into the afterlife described in the Divine Comedy. This year, Dantedì – the DanteDay –  has an even greater symbolic value, because it falls on the seventh centenary of the death of the father of the Italian language.

On this day dedicated to the Supreme Poet, one cannot fail to emphasize that the first copy of his Divine Comedy was printed on 11 April 1472 in Foligno, Umbria.

The architects of the first printed edition of the poem were the typographer from Mainz Johannes Numeister, a pupil of Gutenberg (the father of printing), who worked together with Evangelista Angelini, from Trevi, and the papal mint from Foligno Emiliano Orfini.

Only one page of the precious volume can still be admired in Foligno – the only one available to the Museum of Printing in Foligno,: it is the triplet of the 11th Canto of Paradise.

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