Ca' di Nieri | A touch of Umbria

A touch of Umbria

The all-Italian vocation for fashion and good taste certainly does not spare Umbria. 

Luisa Spagnoli began her entrepreneurial career in the first decade of the 1900s with the foundation of the famous Perugina confectionery industry and at the end of the First World War laid the foundations of the homonymous fashion house.
The creations of the stylist Pino Lancetti were real works of art, so much so that they earned him the nickname of tailor-painter. Back to our days, Brunello Cucinelli is the cashmere entrepreneur who concentrated his vision of Humanistic Capitalism in Solomeo, realizing in the small medieval village on the outskirts of Corciano his dream of a job that respects both the moral and the economic dignity of people.
These are just a few examples of Umbrian designers who have made Italian fashion great in the world.

Cashmere has a historic tradition in Umbria and companies in the sector have joined the Italian Textile Fashion ITF project, launched in 2005 by over twenty Italian Chambers of Commerce.
The ITF label guarantees the consumer the purchase of garments made in compliance with ethics and quality standards.
A choice of transparency, which indicates the desire to enhance the great heritage of professionalism and craftsmanship that characterizes Umbrian companies.

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