Italy, since ancient times the beating heart of art, the cradle of culture and knowledge, still today a hotbed of creativity and beauty. Umbria, Tuscany and Marche constitute the nucleus of this inestimable wealth and are the unparalleled stage on which Ca’ di Nieri Culture stages its appointments with art and culture.




Welcome to Ca’ di Nieri, where History has moulded the small village essence. The three stone houses were named who knows when after the Saints who made Umbria world-famous, San Francesco, Santa Chiara and Santa Maria…


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A unique place, a hamlet at your complete disposal to celebrate with refined simplicity a special occasion, such as weddings and birthdays, or in which to organize corporate events. Ca’ di Nieri Events is at your side to make the moments that matter even more exciting and unforgettable.




Situated at the heart of a fascinating route whose paths cross Umbria, Le Marche and Tuscany, down till Rome the small hamlet of Ca’ di Nieri is the ideal place to set off for all the enchanting sites that still witness the flourishing of the Italian arts…


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What better time than a holiday in Italy to indulge your passion? Be it cuisine, ceramics, wine tasting, photography or an Italian conversation class, here at
Ca’ di Nieri we shall be happy to help your dream come true…


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At Ca’ di Nieri we take care of the well-being of our guest-friends, offering them the opportunity to practice outdoor activities, thanks to a network of qualified facilities and in the world’s best gym: the incredible nature of our mountains, lakes and rivers…


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